Strange Games for Strange Times

Hidden far aross the galaxy, through spans of time unimaginable to humanity, lives a race of beings who possess incredible power.

From the brilliant death of the first stars, their civilization rose.

Over billions of years, they slowly became masters of the most fundamental force in the universe: gravity.

They learned to bend the fabric of space, and became engineers of new worlds, spreading life in countless variations around legions of stars.

Through it all, their most sacred work remains the training of their young, of which you are one.

You and those like you are the essence of their future.

You must master the force of gravity, and learn to wield it with grace and precision.

In a proving ground created by your elders, you will create your first worlds.

You will foster the beginning of life, and protect it from chaos and destruction.

Learn well, for there are forces in the Universe that are not friendly to your cause.

In this trial by fire, you shall journey toward your destiny:

To join the next generation of cosmic artisans and warriors.

To protect the flame of life as it moves through the galaxy.

To become… a PlanetBuilder.